Setting up a tilt alarm

First thing's first: what is a tilt alarm?

A tilt alarm is a mobile alarm (an alarm triggered from a mobile device, like a cell phone) that is triggered when the phone is on an angle or 'tilted' for longer than 30 seconds. To properly use the tilt alarm feature, the person carrying the phone must be carrying it in an appropriate phone holster or case.  

If you've set up a corresponding automation, the tilt alarm can notify the appropriate people (site managers, medics, etc.) any time the person carrying the phone has also hit or surpassed the set angle.

For example, if you carry your phone vertically in a holster on your belt, and you've set your tilt alarm angle to 60º, any time you fall and are lying horizontally (or close to horizontally) at 90º for longer than thirty seconds, the Lightship application will create a mobile alarm for you.

To set up your tilt alarm...

1. From the home screen of the application, tap the label that says 'tilt alarm'.


2. On the intro screen, tap 'start setup'.


3. On the following screen, select which direction you carry your phone (vertical vs. horizontal), then tap 'continue'.


4. Set the tilt limit on the next screen by tilting your phone sideways, starting in the position you will be carrying your phone. Note that it is not ideal to have the tilt set to 90º exactly, as if you fall, there is a chance the phone itself might not reach that angle.


5. Once you've decided on the best tilt angle, tap 'set tilt limit', followed by 'done'.


6. On the tilt alarm settings screen, you can see all the information you just selected. To turn on the tilt alarm you just set up, tap the toggle bar next to the label 'Tilt Alarm' so that it turns green.

To access the Tilt Alarm settings to turn your tilt alarm off or on without needing to set it up again, open your main menu in the top left corner of your screen and tap 'Tilt Alarm'. 

Remember, the tilt alarm will only trigger an automation and generate an alarm in the system if there is a corresponding automation. The automation should be set to watch for mobile alarms.



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