August 1, 2017 Updates

Maps Module

Feature Info Redesign

You will notice that the feature info pop-up in Maps has had a total overhaul! Now users are able to play videos from within the feature info, click on external links to view additional information on other websites, and see multiple photo preview fields for each feature! The design has also been updated. The feature info is now sleeker and more efficient with screen space.

Multiple File Fields

Data capture forms can now include multiple fields for photo or file uploads. This is great for categorizing photos when doing field data collection. 

Alarms Based on Form Submissions

As long as your Lightship license is for both Maps and Works, you can now create alerts or alarms based on form submissions. For any field in a data collection form, site administrators can set a custom alarm that will set off an automation in Works. The alarm can have customer parameters and priority so that the correct people are notified based on the information submitted with that form.

Mass Update

Site administrators will notice that in the data source admin, the "Purge all features and replace with new data - Replace" function has been replaced by "Update existing features or create new features - Update". The old "Replace" would delete all existing features and upload the new ones. The new "Update" will not delete old records, it will add in new records and will update any records that have changed. If you want to delete all data, but keep the layer and styles the same, you can use the new button "Delete Data".


Works Module

Feature Info Redesign

The feature info redesign from Maps will pull through to the Works module as well. If you share any Maps with "Lightship Works", you will be able to see the map listed in Works under the "Layers" tab, and you can click on the features on the map in the same way you would in Maps.

Alarms Based on Form Submissions

Under the "Automations" tab in Works, you can create alarms or alerts based on form submissions. These alarms and Alerts are created in the same way other automations are created. You can have them notify certain people, with certain messages, based on the priority of the form that was submitted. 


iOS and Android Collect Apps

Offline Linked Forms

The iOS Collect application now has the ability to use linked forms offline. You will note that there is an "Offline Forms" entry in the left hand menu. From here, you can download any linked form for use in disconnected areas. 

Feature Info Redesign

As in Maps and Works, the feature info has been redesigned for the Collect app on both iOS and Android devices. It is now cleaner, and makes more efficient use of screen space.

iPad Split Screen

iOS Collect has been updated so that users on iPad devices can see the list of all form questions, and the current form question at once, in a split screen view.


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