Report Export Excel Templates

Creating an Export Excel Template for a Report

Once you've set up your reports, you can add a customized template to the Export Excel feature. 

  1. Select your report from the Reports list

  2. Click EXPORT EXCEL to get a dump of all the data in that layer. Down the Excel file and open it in Excel.

  3. Add any number of new sheets to your Excel file and name them whatever makes sense to you. By default, there is a "data" sheet and a "meta" sheet. This will always be the case.

  4. In your newly created sheets, add your formulas, charts, tables, pivot tables, etc. and style them in any way you like. When writing your formulas, be sure to always reference the information from the "data" sheet.

  5. Save the Excel document when you are happy with the changes you've made.

  6. Back in Lightship Maps, in the same report, click the pencil icon to open the report in 'Edit mode'.

  7. Click "Upload Template" and select the Excel document you just saved (you can also drag and drop onto the "Upload Template" button).
  8. Click DONE. 
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