February 15, 2017 Updates

Works Module

Android Application

That's right – the Lightship Works application is now available on Android devices. Users can track their location, respond to incidents, and communicate with each other via the new Android Works application.

Web App Check-in

When you receive a check-in request, you can now check-in from the mobile and web applications. When you receive a check-in via the web app, a timer bar will appear at the top of your screen. Click the bar to check-in before the time runs out. This will let your site admins know that you're safe.

Tag 'Everyone'

Communicating with your entire site is now as easy as typing 'everyone'. Lightship Works now has a default 'everyone' tag that can be used in Advanced Search, Check-in Automations, and Automations to easily notify everyone on site. 


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