March 15, 2017 Updates

Works Module

Device Image

Any image can be uploaded to be the image or "avatar" for a device in the Works module. Site administrators can upload an image to a device in the device details section.

Discussion Channels

Discussion channels created through the advanced search can now be renamed by the creator of that discussion channel.

User Account Expiry

Site Administrators can set user accounts to automatically expire on a certain date in the future. This is a handy feature to use for contractors or other short-term staff who are participating at your work site.

Maps Module

Share Site Data

Lightship sites are now able to share data with any other Lightship site. Site administrators can invite other Lightship sites to share data in, or out. Once a share is accepted between two Lightship sites, each resource (Map, Report, and Form) has the option to be shared with the other Lightship site.

Feature Info Graphs

Graphs now automatically appear in the Feature Info pop-up for any layer that has a history of submissions on either an integer or decimal field. The graphs can be configured to show the past 5 days, 10 days, or 30 days of data. This feature is great for viewing the trends of data over time.

Custom Point Icons

Any .jpeg or .png image can now be used as a point marker on the map. Site administrators can simply upload the .jpeg or .png image to the style edit section and apply it to any point layer.

Android Collect Application - Shared Resources

Shared site data (noted above) works on our Android Collect application as well. This means that other Lightship sites can share data collection forms with your Lightship site, and you can access them via the Collect app.

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