Using a form in Collect

Collect is an easy-to-use application that enables users in the field to collect data on and offline. 

To fill out a form...

Start the form:

  1. Login to the Collect mobile application.
  2. Tap the green start button at the bottom of your screen to bring up your list of available forms.
  3. From the form list, choose the form you'd like to fill out.
  4. On the instructions screen, tap 'start'.

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Create your geometry:

  1. You will be prompted to place a point, draw a line, draw a polygon, or select a feature to attach the data to. To use your current location to drop a point, tap 'current location'.
  2. To drop a point manually, tap 'manual pin drop' and centre the area where you'd like to drop the point in the middle of the crosshairs.
  3. Tap the green next button to confirm your point.

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Answer the questions:

  1. Easily answer the questions in the form by tapping your selections, or by typing in the text boxes using your phone's keyboard.
  2. Tap the green 'next' button at the bottom of each screen to move to the next question.
  3. Attach photos from your photo library or by taking a photo with the camera (note: photos taken through the application will not be saved to your photo library).

IMG_5777.PNG     IMG_5781.PNG


Review and submit:

  1. At the review stage, ensure you've answered all the necessary or relevant questions. Questions that remain unanswered will be grey. 
  2. You can tap any of the questions to go back to that question.
  3. If you're happy with your answers, tap 'save & upload'. The application will upload the form to your Maps site, or will cache it to your phone if you're working offline.


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