Overview: Lightship Forms

Lightship Forms: Custom, easy-to-build forms.

Lightship Forms are found within the Lightship Maps application.

Record any type of data in the field with simple, streamlined forms that can be created and customized in seconds. Create new features on the map, or attach new information to existing features for inspections and maintenance. 

In the form below, you can the type of information that is easy to capture using the Forms feature. In this Damage Assessment Form, there is:

  • A location point, which is shown on the map.
  • An auto-captured date field.
  • An auto-captured user field.
  • A pick-one list, that states the extent of the damage.
  • A files/photos field.

You also have the option of adding text inputs, integer fields, multi-select pick lists, and more.
The best part: it's easy!

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