Set up users

Here's how you can quickly add users to different groups within your site:


Note: Only Site Admin Users can add new users to a site.


  1. Click on the settings wheel in the upper right corner of the screen.

  2. Click "User Management". This will show you the current users, their permission settings, as well as an option to invite a new user.

  3. Click the "New User" button. Now provide an email address for the individual, specify whether or not they are a site admin, and choose which groups they will belong to. If you are utilizing Lightship's Works functionality, you can choose to create the same user in the Works site as well as the Maps site.

  4. If you have projects enabled on your site, you will also have the option to give new users permissions to different project types. 

Please note that this is something you can do only if you are a site administrator.

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