Overview: Lightship Collect

Lightship Collect: Custom forms built for easy data entry in the field. 

Lightship Collect allows you to quickly and easily collect data from the field, even in areas of low or no connectivity. Forms are created in your Maps site, and can include text fields, picklists, manual date and date/time, integer and decimal fields, files/photos, and a range of auto-captured fields like current user, date, and date/time. The forms can be filled out either on your Maps site or using the Collect mobile application.

Below, you can see an example of what a form might look like on the Collect iOS application. Once this form was created, bylaw officers, public works crews, citizens, and the Parks and Rec department were able to collect data on their mobile devices in the field using the form. 


Here's an example of what a form would look like on the Collect mobile application:


IMG_5772.PNG    IMG_5773.PNG

IMG_5774.PNG    IMG_5775.PNG

IMG_5776.PNG    IMG_5777.PNG

IMG_5781.PNG    IMG_5782.PNG




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