How do I edit a feature style?

Good question! Editing styles is really straight forward, and makes your site's viewing experience much nicer!

 Note: only site administrators can edit feature styles.

  1. Click the Admin icon in the navigation control on the left. 

  2. Search for the layer you wish to edit in the search bar at the top. Click on it. It should look something like this:


  3. Click the "EDIT" button in the "Style" section. You should see something like this:


  4. Here you can filter based on attributes within your layer by clicking the filter icon to the right of the symbol.

  5. If you click the current symbol, it will bring up the style editor.

    Here you can change:
    - opacity
    - colour
    - symbol size
    - enable/disable symbol
    - upload custom point icon (symbol)




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