Control shares

Here's how to share a map, but it is the same to share a report or form:


Note: Only Site Admin Users can share resources.


  1. Open the map you wish to share. 

  2. Click the settings wheel in the map title. This will display a dialog where you can see whether or not a link is already valid for this map.  If there is not currently a link there, it will look like this and you can create a new one.

  3. Click the toggle to the left of "DIRECT LINK". 

  4. Set the number of days that you want this map link to be valid for. You can also add notes.

  5. Click "Copy direct link". This brings up a new dialog which prompts you to copy the URL to my clipboard. I can do this either by clicking control C on my keyboard, or by right clicking on the URL and selecting copy.

  6. Click "OK".

Now you can share this URL with anyone you wish by pasting it into an email or chat to them. When they receive the link, they can get to the resource, in this instance a map, without having a username or password and the link will be valid for the time period that you specified, after which it will expire.


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