Overview: Lightship Projects

Projects: Your geographic filing system 

Lightship Projects is a geographic filing system that allows you to view projects and events at their location on your map. Clicking on any project allows you to see all documentation, including pending/completed tasks, files and attachments, and a complete history of events. 

Projects can be used to track a large project, such as a cut block submission from a forestry company. In the event of such a submission, a large amount of documentation is produced.

Here's how Projects could be used to keep track of everything: 

Quick Overview

The screenshot below shows cut block data submitted by the forestry company. If we click on a cut block, the Feature Info pop up will display a summary of information relevant to that parcel.


All the details

Let's take a look at the details of the entire project. By clicking the "VIEW" button in the Feature Info pop up, we can open the Projects module. The project view allows you to see all historical events as well as future tasks for this particular project.

  • Timeline tab
    • "To Do" items are a great way to keep your team on track to completing the project.
    • History is ordered chronologically and shows all information relating to this project. 
    • The buttons, "New Task", "New File", "Upload File", "Add Layer", "Add Note", and "Add Cost" allow you to add more data and tasks to the project.

  • Details tab: This shows you the overall project details like who owns the project.

  • Contacts tab: This shows a list of all contacts relating to the project.

  • Resources tab: This shows all the maps, reports, and forms related to this project. 








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