Control project permissions

Controlling project permissions is simple. 

  1. Click the projects icon and select the project you wish to set permissions for.

  2. Click the settings wheel icon in the top right corner of the project timeline. 

  3. Select the group(s) you'd like to share the project with. 

    Note: Each 'project type' (in this instance, "Referrals") automatically has it's own 'view', 'edit', and 'admin' groups. That way, when you are inviting a new user to your Lightship site, you can simply assign the user to the "Referrals - Edit" group in the 'User Admin'. (See the article: User admin and permissions)

    By choosing 'View', users will only be able to view the project. 'Edit' will allow them to also make changes to the project. 'Admin' will allow users to make changes to the project and alter permissions.

  4. Click the X in the top and you're done! Your project is now shared with whoever you chose. 
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