Filtering your project timeline

Filtering your project timeline is simple. 

Over time, your project timeline can become really long, making it difficult to find a particular action that you're looking for. We made the timeline filter to allow you to filter your timeline history by tasks, files, spatial, notes, and costs to simplify the searching process. 

  1. Start by opening the project you want to work on. 

  2. Scroll to the "History" section of your timeline. Click the filter icon .

  3. Now you'll see 6 icons, denoting tasks, events, files, spatials, notes, and a date range, from left to right, respectively. 

  4. Clicking an icon will filter the history to show only actions of that specific type. For instance, you can see that once the notes icon is selected, only notes show up in the history. 

  5. If I'd like to further filter it down to only notes entered between a certain date range, I'd click the calendar icon and submit a date range. 

  6. You will now see that only the notes between your date range are visible in the history. In addition, the notes icon and the calendar icon are both highlighted green to signify that they're currently filtering the timeline results. The start and end dates are also shown at the top and bottom of the timeline. 

  7. If I also wanted to filter by typing in some text, I could click the magnifying glass icon and type something into the "Search History" input. The timeline will then only display the notes that match that criteria. 

The filtering tools are an effective way to help you find what you're looking for in a fast and user friendly way. 

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