Create a report

Learn how to create a report so that you can highlight certain attributes within your data:

  1. Click the Report icon in the Navigation Control. Once you have a few reports made, this is where you can access them.
  2. Click the "CREATE NEW REPORT" button.
  3. Select the layer that you want your report to be based on and click "CHOOSE".
  4. Give your report a name and description.

    The “Type of report” allows you to choose whether users of the report will be able to view selected features on the map, export to excel, or both.

    The "Allow Area of Interest (AOI)" option allows users to draw a shape on the map and find features within the specified area. 

  5. Click "Save". This will open the report in edit mode.
  6. Click "ADD OPTIONS" to select which fields you want to be able to interact with in your report. This opens the list of all available fields in the water main layer.
  7. Choose some report options. Be sure to select a widget type for each.

  8. Click "SAVE".
  9. Edit the report options titles if you wish and re-order them with the up and down arrows. Use the drop down box to the right of the report option title to specify a required field when the report is run. (All fields will be Optional be default.)

    The “Export Setup” button allows you to define what data is exported to Excel if you choose to export any data from this report. 
  10. Click "DONE" and your report is complete!


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