Complete an inspection

Let's take a look at how to complete an asset inspection:

As an example, I'll use drainage inlets for the purpose of this tutorial. 

  1. Open the map that contains the assets you'll be inspecting. In my case, this is the Drainage System map. 

  2. In order to do an inspection on an inlet, I'll click on one of the inlets on my map and choose "Inlet inspections" because I want to see the details of the inspections layer. 

  3. Here, you'll see the details of the most recent inspection on this inlet, including an image. 

  4. If I wanted to see a list of all previous inspections done, I could Click on the "HISTORY" tab to view a list of all the past inspections. 
  5. I can either add a new inspection or edit this current inspection to replace the data visible here. I'm going to choose to add a new inspection. Click "ADD". 

  6. This opens my "Drainage Inlet Inspections" form which will allow me to collect new inspection data for this inlet. 

  7. Now all you need to do is complete the form. In this case, I'd pick the overall conditionchoose if maintenance is required or not, and add comments. At this point, I could also upload a photo/file

  8. Click "SAVE". You'll get a confirmation saying that the form was saved successfully. Now the icon of the inlet will have changed automatically to show the current condition (or any attribute you've set) of the inlet. 

  9. You're done. Go complete some inspections! 
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