What are project resources?

Project resources make it easy for you to find relevant maps, reports, and forms. 

The "Resources" tab in a project is used to link maps, reports, and forms that are relevant to the particular project. 

If I look at this particular project, the resource tab shows that I have two maps, a report, and a form associated with it. 

When I open my list of maps, reports, or forms from the navigation control, I can see the ones that I've added as resources for that project labelled and moved to the top of the list. As you can see here, the maps "Cumulative Lands & Referrals Projects" and "LNIB Reserves" have been associated with the "Camp Nicola" project.


This way, when I click on my list of maps, reports, or forms while the project is open, I can easily see those resources that are relevant to that project without having to sort through the entire lists. 


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