January 6, 2016 Updates

In this sprint, a number of exciting new features were released! Here is a general overview of the changes made:



Whenever you are creating a point, line, or polygon using X,Y coordinates you can select from four different coordinate formats:

  • Decimal Degrees (DD)
  • Degrees - Decimal Minutes (DDM)
  • Degrees - Minutes - Seconds (DMS)
  • Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)


Measure Tool

There is now an option to switch between imperial and metric measurements when using the measure tool in Truvian. See the Measure distance and area article for a more detailed explanation.


Buffer Circle

When drawing an area of interest in a report, there is now a feature that allows you to define a buffer circle around a point in a number of different units. 


Default Map

There is now the option of adding a default map to a project in Truvian Projects. This will automatically open the default map when you open the related project. Learn more about Project resources in our What are project resources article.


Default Zoom & Center

In Truvian Projects, you can now save a default extent for a particular project. Setting the Default Zoom & Center in a project will load the same area of map area each time your open a project.

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