Form Permissions: Create vs. Edit

It is often useful to have different permission levels within one form. For example, if you want a particular user group to be able to create new data, but not able to edit existing data, this comes in handy.


Here's how to set 'Create' and 'Edit' permissions for a form:


  1. Click the forms icon to open your list of forms.

  2. Click the settings wheel icon in the form that you wish to change permission levels. You should see a permissions dialogue appear like this one, but with your own groups:

  3. For each group in your site, you can assign either the 'Create' permission level, the 'Edit' permission level, or both. To see a list of the users in a group, simply click on the group name.

    If I wanted my Public Works group to be able to create new data and edit existing data in the "Report a Pothole" form, I would select the 'Create' and the 'Edit' permissions for them.

    Maybe I also want my Engineering & Planning group to be able to create new data in this form, but not edit it, I would only select the 'Create' permission for that group.

  4. Click the Done button and you are finished!
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