Reporting Area of Interest Using the Buffer Feature

Creating an AOI using buffers:

This feature allows you to draw an AOI by defining a buffer zone around a point, line, or polygon, whether these are features that already exist or features that you want to draw out. 

Let's take a look at an example of how we can use the buffer feature to create an AOI as a buffer around an existing feature. As you can see below, I have a dataset loaded that shows the roads in Kamloops. 


Let's say I'm interested in knowing what water mains are within 50 m of a particular section of road. Here's how we'd create our AOI:

  1. With my "Water Main Summary" report open, I'll start by clicking on the section of road that I'm interested in. Once the feature info pop up has opened for this feature, click the buffer line button  in the Report on the left hand side of the map. 

  2. Now I need to click the blue "COPY LINE" button in order to copy the road segment I just selected on the map.

    If I hadn't already selected a road segment (or if I close the feature info pop-up) the blue "Copy" button would not be available. In that case I'd have to manually draw a line feature by clicking the green "DRAW" button. 

  3. Once I've clicked copy, I can set my desired buffer. We decided on 50 meters for this example.

  4. Click the green "CREATE" button and you'll see your road segment is selected and a 50 m buffer zone is created around it. This is now the AOI for the current report. 

    For this example, we chose to buffer a line feature. The same can be done for point or polygon features, just select the appropriate choice under the buffer options in the report.
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