February 17, 2016 Updates

We've updated a few things this sprint, check them out:  


Update Notifications

When you sign into your site, if there are new updates that you haven't seen yet, you'll see the help icon in the top right corner highlighted orange:


If you click on it, a pop-up will open and show you that there are recent updates that you haven't seen yet by highlighting the "New Updates" icon.

Clicking on this will bring you to the support page and show you recent updates since your last login. 


Empty Base Map 

We've added an option to choose an empty base layer if you don't want to view your data over any sort of map background. This empty base layer has been added to the list of current layers that we provide, alongside the Google, Bing, MapQuest, and other layers. 


Colour Picker 

We've added a colour picker to the advanced style editing that allows you to choose your own custom colours to style your layers. When you're styling a layer, clicking on the colour box will open a drop down with the list of colours and you'll now see a button below that says "Choose Colour Picker". Clicking on it will open the colour picker, allowing you to choose a colour of your choice. 


Project Actions Pop-Up

The project actions pop-ups now look slightly different. Related actions are shown in the left column, from which you can complete related actions. 


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