March 9, 2016 Updates

Take a look at some of the changes for this sprint:


1. Project Permissions

There are now 3 user roles within a project: View, Edit, and Admin. Click on any group to display a list of users that are part of that group (see image below). For each group, you can specify whether you want members of that group to have view, edit, or admin permissions to a specific project.  

View permissions:

The project user can view any item in the project timeline, and also any project resources (maps/reports/forms), that have been explicitly shared with project viewers.

Edit permissions:

The project user can edit project details, contacts, and timeline, including adding, editing, and deleting entries.  They can also view or use resources (maps, reports or forms) that have been shared with project editors.

Admin permissions:

The project user can control permissions for this project, add new resources (maps/reports/forms) to the project, and share these resources with other users of the project.  


If you wish to add a user to all projects of a particular project type, do so in the User Admin under the project groups. Note that administrators of an entire project type (set in the User Admin) can also change the settings for that project type including the task types, cost types, etc.

 For a more detailed How-To on setting permissions on a project, see our article Control project permissions.


2. Sharing Resources Through Projects

It is now possible to share a map, report, or form through a project without having to individually set permissions.  You can now give users who belong to a certain project the permissions to access resources (maps/reports/forms) that you've added to that project. This way there is no need to set permissions individually for each map, report, or form. 

As you can see below, a small padlock is displayed beside a resource that has been added to this project (by clicking the  button). 

Clicking on the small padlock will give you the option to specify who you want to be able to view the resource (map/report/form). See image below. You have the option of:

  • People who can currently view this project can now view the resource you've added;
  • People who can currently edit this project can now view the resource you've added; or
  • people who can currently administer this project can now view the resource you've added.


 For a more detailed How-To on sharing resources through projects, check out the article: Add a Project Resource to an individual project.


3. Sharing Resources Through Project Types

If you are a site admin, you can share a resource (map/report/form) to an entire project type. Here's how:

Go to the Project Administration by clicking . Click Project Administration. Select the Project Type you want to add a map/report/form to. Click the Resources tab. It will look like this:


Click . Select the map you want to add to every project in this project type. Click Add. Now click the small padlock beside the map name to set the permissions.

Below is the permissions dialogue. Choose from View, Edit, and Admin permissions and click Save.


These permissions will show at the bottom of the map permissions dialogue for the map "BC Overview":

 For a more detailed How-To on sharing resources to an entire project type, see our article Add a map, report, or form to all projects of a Project Type.


4. Map/Report/Form Permissions 

Clicking on the permission padlock of any map, report, or form now displays all permissions affecting that resource (including regular groups and projects). Once again, clicking on any group will display its members.

Here is an example from our map "BC Overview":


I can see that this map has been shared with the Members group and the Public Works group. As well, I can see that this map is currently shared through 1 project.

If I click the  button I can see it is shared through the project "Harvest of CP 260":


In the screenshot below, the "BC Overview" map has been shared with the regular groups "Members" and "Public Works" but there are two different checkmarks. Here is what they mean:

 Project-level permissions: This is a share from a project, not from the resource you are viewing.

 Direct permissions: This is a share directly from the resource you are viewing.

Therefore, I can see that the "Members" group can view the map "BC Overview" because it has been shared from a project. Alternatively, the "Public Works" group can view the map "BC Overview" because the map has been directly shared with them.

If you want to change the project-level permissions (), you need to open the project that this map was shared from.

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