Add a Project Resource to an individual project

Here is how to share resources through individual Projects:

It is possible to share a map, report, or form through a project without having to individually set permissions.  You can give users who belong to a certain project the permissions to access resources (maps/reports/forms) that you've added to that project. This way there is no need to set permissions individually for each map, report, or form. 

  1. Open the project that you want to add a resource (map/report/form) to.

  2. Click the Resources tab

  3. Click the "ADD MAPS" button. Select the map you wish to add to this project and click ADD. The map you've selected will appear in the list of maps.

  4. Hover your mouse over the map title and click the small settings wheel next to the map name to set the permissions for the map. 

    Specify who you want to be able to view the resource (map/report/form) and click the X in the top right corner to save. You have the option of:
  • People who can currently view this project can now view the map you've added;
  • People who can currently edit this project can now view the map you've added; or
  • people who can currently administer this project can now view the map you've added.

 You have now shared a map out to those individuals through this project. They will be able to view the map in their Lightship site. 



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