April 20, 2016 Updates

Here are the new changes from this sprint:


Feature Info Pop-up File List

There is now an option to have a file list visible to users in the Feature Info Pop-up. Admin users can set this up by clicking the "Show File List" checkbox in the Layers tab of the Admin panel.


More Filter Options

When admin users are filtering the style of a layer, there is now the option of using the operators "IN" and "NOT IN" in addition to all the operators that were there before.


Order Fields in Feature Info Pop-up

For any linked layer, the order of fields in the feature info pop-up can be customized to your liking. This can be set by admin users in the Data Sources tab of the Admin panel.


Uploaded By

For all future layers added to your Truvian site, the layer will be tagged with the username of the user who uploaded it. This can be found in the Data Sources tab of the Admin panel.


Order Files / Photos input and Draw input in Forms

In the edit panel of a form, admin users can now change where the Files / Photos input as well as the Geometry or Draw Point / Line / Polygon input appears in the list of fields. To make this change, enter the edit panel of a form and click on the "Field Settings" tab.


Filter by Date or Date / Time

When admin users are building a style filter for a layer, they can now create a filter based on a Date field or a Date / Time field, so long as these are fields in the layer.


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