April 6, 2016 Updates

Here are some of the new changes in Truvian:


Streamlined Layer and Data Source Admin

We've separated layers from data sources, making it easier to administer your Truvian site. If you want to make any data-related changes (like aliasing field names, adding or removing fields, replacing or appending new data) go to the "Data Source" section of the admin. If you want to change the style for a layer, customize the feature info dialogue, add scale dependency or labels - go to the "Layers" section of the site admin.

This update makes it much easier to create and manage multiple layers for each data source. For example, you could create two or three different layers for a single land parcels data source; each layer can have a custom style as well as separate feature info/label/scale dependency settings.


Enhanced Filter Builder

Under advanced style editing, the interface for building advanced filters has been completely re-designed and enhanced. Advanced filters are now easier to create and view, including capability for nested filter clauses. Check out our in-depth article on how to use the filter tool here: Advanced Style Editing article.


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