June 15, 2016 Updates

Here are the new changes from this sprint:


User Filter

There is now a filter in the User Admin section. You can search by plain text for email addresses there. 


Layer Descriptions

In the Layer Administration, there is now an area to include a description for each layer. This is especially useful when there is more than one layer for one data source in your Admin section. 


Polygon and AOI Edit

It is now possible to edit lines and polygons (including AOIs or Areas of Interest) without replacing the original shape. Simply click edit and drag the edges of your shape to the desired location.


Share Link is now in Permission Settings

We have moved the share link to be a part of the Permissions dialogue. If you are a Site Admin  User, you can create a share link to a map, report, or form by clicking on the padlock icon. 


Mobile Users can now create Share Links

Site Admin Users on the mobile interface can now create share links to any of the resources in the site.


User and Group Reports

Site Admin Users can now download a report outlining the users on the site, which resources those users have access to, and the groups that they are members of. These reports are downloaded as .xlsx format and can be accessed by clicking your username in the top right hand corner of the screen.


Reports now include File Downloads

When a report is run, if it has photos or files associated with its features, those files will appear in the report export in the form of a file download link.

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