July 5, 2016 Updates

Here are the new changes from this sprint:


Project Area of Interest (AOI)

For each project, you can set a project Area of Interest, or AOI, to highlight the data and map area that is related to that project. 


Collapsible Legend Layers

In the legend, you can collapse and expand layers that have complex styles. The default behaviour is for the layers in the legend to be expanded when first opened. 


Advanced Project Search

There is now an advanced search within the project list. Use the down arrow button to the right of the search bar to search by Project Owner, Project Priority, and Project Category.


Map, Report, and Form List Group Filtering

In the Map list, Report list, and Form list, Site Admin Users can now see a group permissions filter. Click the down arrow next to the "Filter Maps" (or Reports or Forms) box at the top of your resource list to select the permission groups that you wish to see maps/reports/forms for.


Copy Styles from Layer

When editing a style, Site Admin Users can now copy the styles from a sibling or parent layer in the advanced style editor. Click the "Select a layer to import its styles" dropdown to select a layer to copy.


Copy Form Settings

When creating a new Form for a data source which has a definition query, there is now an option to import form settings for any sibling forms (if they exist). This will copy widgets, names, order, questions, and pick lists.

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