July 22, 2016 Updates

Here are the new changes from this sprint:


Line symbolization with direction

Site admin users can now choose to indicate direction for line features on the map. "Show Line Direction" is set in the advanced style settings for any line layer.


WMS layers

New layers can be created in Truvian by entering a valid WMS URL in the site administration panel. Check out the article on how to add WMS layers here: Adding WMS Layers.


Rich Text Editor

Report instructions, form instructions, and project note actions all have rich text editing capabilities. 


Optional rule for 'All Other Values'

For layers with complex styles, the default "All Other Values" symbology rule can be turned on or off, depending on the site admin's preference!


Set alias for Shape File

For any non-project, geometry data sources, the site admin user can choose to set different aliases for the display of fields within Truvian and for the Shape File fields. This is helpful when exporting data, as field names can be set by the administrator to easily identify between them.


Project timeline Form layers

For each form that is added as a resource to a Project or to a Project Type, the form layer will show only relevant form data on the map and in the legend, dependent on the timeline set for the project and the Project AOI.


Users can be invited to any number of sites or sub-sites

When a new user is created on a sub-site or a super-site, if that user already exists on a related site, the new user will receive an email to let them know that they've been invited to a new site, and that their login credentials will be the same as on the site they are already in.

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