This is the basic layout of the mobile application. Your home screen is your profile, as seen below.

From your profile you can...

  • Turn tracking on and off.
  • See what groups you're in.
  • See what assets you have bookmarked.

Your utility bar is located at the bottom of your screen. From the utility bar, you can access your profile (far left), your tasks (middle left), your messages (middle right), your map (far right), and you can create an alarm for a variety of issues (centre).

The main menu can be accessed through the main menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. The main menu is where you can find the rest of Lightship's features. 

From top to bottom you have...

  • Alarms: see all alarms that have been triggered on your site.
  • Messages: see all messages and channels between you and other users.
  • Map: see the Lightship map and the locations of other users and devices.
  • People: see a list of all the users on your site.
  • Groups: see a list of all groups on your site.
  • Logout: log out of the application.
  • Current user information: that's you!








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