Creating a Group

Remembering who has the proper credentials to respond to an incident can be hard. Groups is here to help you stay organized.

In Lightship, you can group your employees based on job titles, skills, certifications, or any other term that fits your site. To create a new group, select the groups menu from your main menu, and click “Create” at the bottom of the menu. Enter the name of the desired group, and click "Create".

To add users to the group, open the group details page, and click "Add to group". This will open a menu of all the people in your system. Simply click the checkbox next to their name to add a person to the group. Once you've chosen the group members, click 'Done' to save the group.

From the group details page, you can broadcast a phone message, SMS/group message, force a check-in on, and locate every member of the group.

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