Creating an Area

Whether you're managing one worksite with 100 workers, or an enterprise with sites around the world, Lightship allows you to see everything. The bird's-eye-view enables managers to consider the best, most efficient options when responding to an incident, or simply assigning a day-to-day task.

Each of your areas is listed under the “Areas” section in the main menu. To search through your areas, type the name, location, or an identifier of the area in the upper right-hand search bar.

To create a new area, locate the area on the map, then click “Create” at the top of the right-hand main menu, under the “Areas” section.

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  1. Assign the area a display name.
  2. Write a short description of the area.
  3. List it as either a polygon or circle.
  4. Click 'Draw Shape' to begin drawing.
  5. Click and drag your mouse along the border of your area, clicking at each corner, and at the first point to close the shape. If your area is a circle, locate the centre of your area on the map, and click and drag outwards to enlarge the circle.
  6. Click +CREATE to finalize the area.

If you make a mistake, simply click “Draw Shape” again to restart. You can always edit the shape later to ensure it's accurate.

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