Using the Quick Search

Need to find someone or something? Search anything from Medic to CO2 sensor, and Lightship will find anyone or anything that matches your search criteria and locate it on the map.

To search using the Quick Search bar, simply click on the search bar, and type in your query.

To add multiple terms to one search, simply type them sequentially with no commas. So, if I'd like to search for a medic named Erin, my search would look like this: "Erin medic".

To search for multiple, unrelated terms, separate each term with AND or OR, like this: "firefighter OR medic". This search will show all users who are in the groups "firefighter" or "medic".

Do not use commas to separate search terms. To exit the search bar, press the “x” to the left.

Note: You must exit the search in order to continue using the other features of the application.

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