Creating a Check-in Automation

Checking-in is a useful tool in situations where a worker's safety can be at risk. With Check-in Automations, Lightship automates these requests and sends them at regular intervals so you can have peace of mind knowing your workers are safe.

To create a new check-in automation, select 'Check-in Automations' from the right-hand main menu, and click 'Create' at the bottom of the menu.

Name the procedure, and assign it a frequency and 'response time'. Response time refers to the amount of time a user will have to respond to the check in before an alarm is created. Click +CREATE to save your automation. This will bring you to the check-in automation details screen.

In the details screen, you'll need to enter the following information:

Check-in on: type in the people, devices, groups, or areas you would like to send the check-in to. If you choose to send your check-ins to an area, Lightship will only send check-ins to people who are contained in the area at the time of the check-in.
During this time: here you can type in a schedule you created in the 'Schedules' menu. This will add a time limit on the check-in procedure. If you schedule only runs from 8:00am until 5:00pm, Lightship will only send check-ins during this time. If you do not set your check-in automation to a schedule, the automation will continue to send check-ins outside of site hours. 
Ignore these: type in any people, devices, groups, or areas you would like to leave out of the check-in. If you add any assets to this section, they will not receive a check-in for this specific procedure. 

The 'Contains' section contains all the people and assets who will receive the check-in at any given time.

In the 'Settings' section, you can alter the check-in name, frequency, and response time. You can also choose to enable or disable the check-in at any time.

Here's a helpful diagram showing all the different information contained in a check-in automation.

Click image to enlarge.


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