Best Practices: Naming Automations

Now that you know the different kinds of alarms and procedures you'll need on site, we'll talk through the process of building them out in Automations.

Naming Your Automations

If you do not already have naming conventions on your site, we would suggest naming your procedure based on its details, including the type of alarm, the area it applies to, when it applies, and who the alarm pertains to or watches for.

A naming convention could be as such:


Site: If you manage multiple worksites from a single platform, indicate which site this applies to or 'All'. If you have one site, ignore this field.

Area: Which area does this affect? You might write 'All' or 'Blast Zone 1', for example.

Alarm Type: Alarm types could be 'Check-in Alarm' or 'Button Alarm' for 'Personal Distress', or whatever parent categories describe the types of alarms you have onsite.

Schedule: Use the name or times of the schedule you created in the Schedules tab.

Who/Users/Groups: Who does this alarm watch for or concern? For example, 'All', 'Site-wide', 'Mechanics', 'SecurityClearance1', or whatever Groups or Individuals it impacts on site.

Other: If you get here and there are multiple alarms that match, you can add an additional descriptor here.





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