Responding to an Alarm on the Web App

When you're notified of an alarm, an orange border will appear around your browser window and the asset icon will turn orange on the map. You'll also be notified through the mobile application and through SMS or phone call, if you choose.

To respond to the alarm in the web application, open the alarm details page from your main menu, or click the orange notification under the Quick Menu. In the alarm details page, you can call the source or reporter of the alarm (if reported by a person), notify additional personnel of the alarm, assign the alarm to yourself, resolve and close the alarm, and locate the source of the alarm.

The alarm details page is where you'll find all information pertaining to an alarm. In the Activity Feed, you can see all actions that have been taken in response to the alarm, as well as any comments left on the alarm by other personnel.

In the Alarm Details section, you can see the alarm type, the person who reported the alarm, the source of the alarm, the alarm ID, when it was created, who it has been assigned to, and what automations were triggered in response to the alarm.

Once you or another personnel has taken responsibility for the incident, the incident status will change from 'Alarm' to 'Open'. The orange highlighting will disappear, and it will no longer appear in the 'Priority' section of your alarms on your mobile application. When an alarm has been resolved, it will turn green, and when it is closed, it will turn grey. An alarm can be re-opened and escalated at any time.

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