Best Practices: Check-in Automations

The following is a list of useful questions to ask yourself when creating your check-in automations. These will help you decide which different elements are needed in each of the procedures on your site.

Do you check-in with employees?

A check-in automation sends your regular check-in requests, well, automatically. This means that Lightship will send a check-in request to each user, without having to call or radio them yourself. To create a check-in automation, open the Check-in Automations menu, and click 'create'. Name your automation, and enter an interval time (the time between check-ins), and a response time (the time a user has to respond to a check-in before an alarm is created). Click +CREATE to save the automation. In the check-in automations details menu, you must enter the 'subjects' of your automation. If you wish to check-in to all users on your site, type in the name of your perimeter area, and select from the drop down list of options that appears. If you only wish to check-in with certain groups of users, type in the names of each group, and select from the list of options that appears. Lastly, if there are users or groups to whom you do not wish to send check-ins, input the names into the field marked 'don't check-in on these'.

Are you checking in on everyone in a particular area, independent of who they are?

Then, you might consider listing the area in “Check-in on these”.

Are you checking in on 1+ specific people?

Then, you might consider listing the individuals' names in “Check-in on these.”

Are you checking in on a certain “group” or individuals that possess a particular skill or role? Is there a group for that skill or role?

If a corresponding group exists, you might consider listing it in “Check-in on these.” For example, if you have a group for all “mechanics”, and you want to check-in on every mechanic Monday-Friday, you might list “mechanic” instead of “Bob” and “Sue”, the mechanics you have right now. That way, any new mechanics will also be included in the procedure.

What if someone takes a day off?

If you are checking-in on everyone in a certain area, no problem. If you are checking-in on a specific group or individual, you will have to temporarily add that person to “Do not check-in on” and remove them from “Do not check-in on” when they are back at work. Soon, you will be able to do this automatically through the system.

Does your check-in run 24 hours a day?

If not, it needs a schedule to limit the hours during which it automatically checks in on people.

Does your check-in apply Monday-Sunday?

If not, you need to create a schedule to limit the days it automatically checks in on people.

Do you want someone to be notified – that is, for an alarm to be created – if someone misses a check-in?

If so, you HAVE to create an automation procedure.

So, you want a missed check-in to trigger an alarm. Does that check-in impact all users? Does it run all the time?

If so, you need an Automation procedure that watches for everyone/all areas/all groups at all times. If not, having an Automation procedure that watches for all groups/areas/people at all times works too. If you don't have and don't want a catch-all Automation procedure for check-in alarms, though, you'll need an Automation procedure that “watches” for the same people/groups/areas over the same period of time.

Now that you know which fields require an answer, let's talk through potential answers for specific situations...

Are you checking-in on a group or area? Are there people in that group or area that don't require a check-in? Or, are there people in that group or area that have a separate, special check-in automation?

If so, you may want to include those people in “Don't check in on these”.

Do your check-in automations vary by day?

On your site, you check-in with your employees every two hours when they're on-site. However, they're only on-site Monday to Friday, from 8:30am until 4:30pm (or the end of their workday), and you do not wish to check-in after 4:30pm or on weekends. You must set this check-in automation to a schedule that is a 'weekly' schedule (i.e. it occurs every week), from 8:30am until 4:30pm. If you do not set the automation to a schedule or a constrained location, users will continue to receive check-in requests after hours.


If you wish to send a check-in to all users on your site except admins from Monday to Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm, the fields should appear as such:

During this time: 8:30am-4:30pm, Mon-Fri (Schedule)
Check in on these: Ajax Property (Area)
Don't check in on these: Admin (Group)

Do you have dead zones?

If you have dead zones on your site (i.e. areas on your site with no wifi or data service), but still want to set check-in automations, the intended recipient must exit the dead zone in order to receive a check-in request.

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