Add fields to an existing form

There are two ways you can add more fields to a form that has already been created in your Maps site:

1. In the Admin > Data Sources tab

  1. Open the Admin panel.

  2. Click the Data Sources tab.

  3. Click the Data Source you wish to add a field to.

  4. In the "Fields" section, click ADD beside "Add a new field".

  5. Give your new field a name and choose a field type.

  6. Add as many fields as you need and then click Save.

2. In the Edit Form > Field Settings tab

  1. Open the form that you want to add a field to.

  2. Click the edit icon (pencil) to the right of the Form Title.

  3. Click the Field Settings tab.

  4. Click the New Question button at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Type in a field name, question, choose the field type, and click Save.

Now when you go back to your form, the new field you've added will be there.

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