Changing a User's Role

Roles are how you manage permissions in the Lightship Works system. To change a user's role...

  1. Open the user's details page and open the 'Details' tab under 'Settings'.
  2. Hover your cursor over the 'Role' field until the 'Edit' option appears.
  3. Click 'Edit', and select the role from the available options. Options are Administrator, Dispatch, Web Viewer, and Mobile. 
  4. Click the check mark to save your selection.



Admin: Administrators have full web and mobile permissions. These are users who can create, edit, or delete anything in the system. We suggest having only a small number of administrators.

Dispatch: Dispatchers have limited web and full mobile permissions. They have all the permissions necessary to respond to alarms or incidents. This means they can alter automations, notify personnel, and create users, but they can't remove anything from the system.

Web Viewer: Web Viewers have limited web and full mobile permissions. Web Viewers can login to the web portal, but they can't create, edit, or delete anything. They can still use the web app to search, respond, and communicate.

Mobile: Mobile users have full mobile but no web permissions. This means they cannot login to the web version of the application, and will be given an error message if they try. They can still use all portions of the mobile application to communicate and respond to incidents. 

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