December 15, 2016 Updates

Maps Module

Time Based Filtering

When Site Admin or Local Admin users are editing styles for features on the map, they can now choose to style those features based on Date and Time fields.

It is now possible for Site Admin users to create a subset of a data source by using a time based filter on an existing data source.

Zoom to Extent

The zoom to extent button has moved from the bottom left hand corner of the screen, to the details section of each Map and Project.

Blink Project Spatial Features

There is now an "eyeball" icon on spatial entries of all projects. When the user clicks this icon, the associated spatial feature will blink on the map (much like the eyeball icon in the Feature Info pop-up). This was a feature request from a current client.

Go To Location

When viewing your Lightship Maps site on your mobile device on a web browser, there is now a "Go To Location" icon in the top right corner of the screen. When you click this button, the map will zoom to the current GPS location of your mobile device.

Multi-Linked Layers

Site Admin users can now created multiple linked layers. For example, if there is a layer "Fire Hydrants" in your Maps site, previously you were able to add the linked layer "Fire Hydrant Inspections" to that original "Fire Hydrants" layer. Now, you can continue to add linked layers to the linked layers. For example, add the linked layer "Fire Hydrant Maintenance Required" to the linked layer "Fire Hydrant Inspections".

Display and Unique Fields

Feature Info pop-ups can now be labeled with both a display field, a unique field, or both. These are configurable in the Admin section.


Works Module

Silent Alarms

Automations can now be set to not notify the person who triggered the alarm. This is useful if Site Admins would like the option to create a silent alarm to notify them if someone enters an exclusion zone, for example.

User Roles

Web users now have the option of assigning a role to a new user when creating that user. This prevents confusion, and will ensure every user has an assigned role. 

Global Alarm State

If a person or device is alarmed, they will be highlighted in orange (called 'alarm state') everywhere they appear in the application. This will show on the map, in the people/device list, in the quick menu, in the alarms list. This will make alarmed users more obvious to web users.

Mobile Display Photo

Mobile users can now update their display photo through their settings in the iOS application. 


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