Share a map with an expiring link

Here is how you can share resources with people outside of your Lightship account using an expiring link share:

  1. Log in as an admin user.

  2. Open the map list.

  3. Hover over the map you wish to share. 

  4. Click the permissions icon to the right of the map title: Settings_icon.png or Permissions_icon.png

  5. Click the toggle to the left of "DIRECT LINK" so that it turns green.
  6. Set the number of days you wish the link to be active before expiring. Optionally, you can add notes about this link share. (These notes are only available to admins of your Lightship site).

  7. Click the "Copy direct link" button. Then copy the link to your clipboard. You can now send this link out to anyone you wish and they do not need a Lightship account to access the map you shared with them.


This process is the same for sharing access to maps, reports, and forms.

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