Step 1: Add data to your site

Data in the Lightship Maps application is stored in its geographic context as a layer. A layer is a grouping of information styled on the map in a specific way. For example, a “Fire Hydrant” layer may contain information about the fire hydrants such as the make/model, the flow rate, the valve type, and the last known maintenance, and the point representing the fire hydrant might be styled on the map to look like a fire hydrant.

Here is how you can add data into your Lightship Maps site:

  1. Open the Layer Admin by clicking the layer icon Layer_Admin.JPG in the bottom left corner. This will display a list of all the layers in your map site.
  2. In the Layers tab, click the "NEW LAYER" button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. From here you can either add a WMS layer (see how to article here: Add WMS Layer), upload a brand new layer or create a layer for an existing data source. I want to add an entirely new layer so I will click "UPLOAD NEW LAYER".New_Layer.JPG
  4. Click "UPLOAD A FILE" to browse your computer for the file. Here is a sample file you can download and use to try uploading a layer: Water Mains.  
  5. You can change the File name if you want and you have the option of adding tags.
  6. Once you have selected the file for upload, click "Save".

If you are loading really large data, Lightship will email you when the data has finished loading.  

Once the layer is completely loaded, you will see it in the layer list in the Admin section. Then your layer is ready to be added to any map. From here you can also edit the layer including the name, style, scale dependency and more.



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