Step 4: Create a form

A form is how you can collect data to create a new layer, or add more information to an existing layer. For example, if you’d like to collect information about inspections and maintenance on your local fire hydrants, you might have a data collection form that asks questions about when the hydrant was last inspected, and the steps you took to inspect the hydrant.

Now we are going to switch gears for a moment. It's time to create your first form!

  1. Click the Form icon  on the left side of the screen. 

  2. Click "CREATE NEW FORM" at the top of the Form List. The "Choose Form Layer" dialogue will appear. You can either create a form based on an existing layer in your map site, or you can define a new layer by clicking the "DEFINE A NEW FORM" button.


  3. Click "DEFINE A NEW FORM". As an example, you can create a form for pothole sightings. Add a Name and Description and decide on a Form Type (point, line, polygon, form linked to an existing layer). Then click "save". This will open the form's field settings.

    Note: The "Form Type" option tells the system what kind of layer you are creating. In this instance, we need a "Point" layer. But in other instances, creating a different type of form comes in handy too. 

  4. Add some fields or "questions". Click "New Question" at the bottom of the field settings page. You can add a question and field name (required), and you can choose the field type. You can choose anything from text fields and integer fields, to automatically captured date/time and user fields. If you'd like to add a description to your question, click +Additional Info in the top right corner, above the question field. Click save to add your question, and add more questions if necessary.Note: We always suggest adding an Auto Key field with a unique field name. 
  5. Click the green "DONE" button at the top of the screen. The form you just created is now available in the main list of forms and is immediately available to users with permissions.


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