Location Sharing

Share your location for a specified amount of time with co-workers, with complete control over when this feature is enabled. 

  1. From the main dashboard, tap the green plus sign in the bottom right corner.
  2. Tap "Location Sharing".
    • You may see an error that says "Location Permission Not Set". This just means your device hasn't allowed Status to access your location yet. 
    • To allow the app to share your location, tap on the error and tap "Always Allow" if on an iOS device or "Allow" if an Android. 
  3. Set the end time to when you want to stop sharing your location.
  4. Tap the "Play" button at the bottom of the screen to start sharing your location.
  5. On the main dashboard, you are able to cancel location sharing by holding the card until it disappears.

Note: If you force close the status application, it will no longer share your location.                      


Saved Configurations

If you'd like to have a few different "End Times" saved for quick location sharing (you have a few different set end times for your work day) you can save them by using "Saved Configurations"

  1. Tap "Saved Configurations".
  2. Tap "+ Save As".
  3. Name your location sharing configuration.
  4. Tap "SAVE".
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