Creating an Alarm

Select from a customizable list of alert types to send an alert to your organization's Lightship site. You can select a relevant location to send along with the alert.

  1. Tap "Alarm".
  2. Choose from a pick list of what type of alarm you want to create.
  3. By default, the location is set to where your device is currently located; however, you can change the alarm location:
    • Tap the location bar.
    • Move the center of the crosshairs to the appropriate location.
    • Tap green "Select Location" bar at the bottom of the screen to set the location.
    • Tap "Confirm Alarm Location".
  4. The Alarm will automatically be created when the timer counts down to zero.
  5. To create the alarm right away, tap the triangle with an exclamation point at the bottom center of the screen.



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