How to Add Users to a Team

Having users organized into teams in Lightship is crucial to ensuring that only users with the proper credentials have access to specific resources. By creating teams, you can customize what permissions those teams have and what resources those teams have access to (maps, forms, reports, projects).

There are 2 ways to add a user to a team:

 You can add a user by clicking on their username in the "All Users" menu. Under "Manage User Info", click on "Teams", then drag and drop the team that you would like the user to be apart of from the "All" to the "Added" column on the right.


Alternatively, you can add a user through the "All Teams" Menu by clicking on the team, finding the user in the "All" list, then dragging and dropping their name over to the "Added" column on the right. 


That's it! You have added users to a team. Users can be removed from a team by following the same steps.

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