Overview: Lightship Projects

Projects: Your geographic filing system 

Lightship Projects is a geographic filing system that allows you to view projects and events at their location on your map. Clicking on any project allows you to see all documentation, including pending/completed tasks, files and attachments, and a complete history of events. 

Projects can be used to track a large project, such as BC shore zone observed habitat from the government of British Columbia. In the event of such a submission, a large amount of documentation is produced.

Here's how Projects could be used to keep track of everything: 

Quick Overview

The screenshot below shows an observed habitat polygon. If we click on one of the polygons, the Feature Info pop up will display a summary of information that is relevant.



All the details

Let's take a look at the details of the entire project. By clicking project timeline button , we can open the Projects module. The project timeline allows you to see all historical events as well as future tasks for this particular project.

  • Project Timeline
    • "To Do" items are a great way to keep your team on track to completing the project.
    • The buttons, "New Task", "New File", "Upload File", "Add Layer", "Add Note", and "Add Cost" allow you to add more data and tasks to the project.
    • Project Activity timeline shows you the actions taken in the particular project in chronological order. 


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