Step 6: User admin and permissions

Permissions in the Maps application are managed one of three ways:

Site admins: Responsible for setting up and maintaining the site. This includes building the forms, reports, and maps, and managing users/permissions.

Public: Public resources are available to the public to view and interact with (fill out forms, run reports, view maps).

Teams: Teams can have customized permissions, but cannot have the ability to create and delete data/layers. Teams are managed by Lightship, so just let us know what teams you need in your site, and we’ll add them to your user admin.

Each resource (map, form, report, project)  in your site can be shared to the public, to specific groups, or to site admins only.

By creating teams, you can customize what resources those teams have access to (maps, forms, reports, projects).


Here's how you can add and manage your site's users:

Note: Only Site Admin Users can add new users to a site

  1. Click on the admin cog wheel in the bottom left of the screen.

  2. Click . This will show you the current users, their permission settings, as well as an option to invite a new user.

  3. Click the "NEW USER" button at the top right of the screen. Provide an email address for the individual, specify whether or not they are a site admin, and choose which teams they will belong to, and which resources they have permission to access. 

  4. Click CREATE.
  5. Click This will show you all of the teams on your site. You can create new teams by clicking on "NEW TEAM +" on the top right of the screen. You are able to name the team and specify what resources team members will have permission to access, the same way you add resources to a new user. 


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