How to Navigate Collect

Once you have logged into Collect, you are brought to the main dashboard. This is the starting point when you are working in Collect.

  1. Tap "Projects" to open the projects that are available to you.

  2. Once you are in the project list, tap the project that you want to work in.

  3. From there, a filtered list of forms that are within that project will be available to you.


  1. You can access all of the forms available to you by tapping "All Forms". 

  2. Tap the form that you want to use.



You can see from the images below that when you tap on "Projects", you can view your projects with the corresponding number of forms associated with them. When you tap on a project, your form list will be filtered to reflect the forms that are associated with that project. (Example: If you tap on the project "Environmental Spill Event", you would have access to 8 forms).

To view the list of all forms that you have access to, tap "All Forms".

Projects_in_Collect2.png  All_Forms_List2.png



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