How to Use a Form Offline in Collect

With Lightship Collect, you can access your forms and maps even when you’re outside of connectivity.

Before you leave service:

  1. Tap “All Forms” to load the form list prior to leaving WiFi or Data service. Tap the form you want to use offline, and then click the back arrow (top-left) to go back to the Forms List. Collect will tell you which forms are ready for offline creation.


  2. To see previous form submissions for offline editing, tap "DOWNLOAD" when on the Instructions screen. You will see that your form is "Ready for offline editing". 

  3. Open the map you’d like to use, find the area where you’ll be working, and move around/ zoom in/out a few times on the map to cache those map tiles.

In the Field:

  1. Fill out the form exactly how you would with WiFi or Data connection.

  2. Once you’ve reached the review state, tap “Save & Upload”. This will save the form to your device. When you return to the map, you’ll notice a blue bar at the top of your screen that reads “1 Form to sync”.
  3. Continue collecting data as you would normally.

When you’re back in service:

  1. Once you’re back in service, tap the blue bar at the top of your screen. This will bring you to the log of all the form submissions you have completed.

  2. Tap the “Upload All” button at the bottom of your screen. This will sync all form submissions to your Lightship site.
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