How to Navigate the Project Timeline


The Project Timeline allows you to see all historical events as well as future tasks for the project you are working in.

The Project Activity Timeline shows you the actions taken in a particular project in reverse-chronological order.

  1. Search through the history of the timeline by using the scroll bar.
  2. Click on an activity in the timeline to see additional details in a "Feature Info" pop-up.

To add more data directly to your project, click the green circle with 3 horizontal dots: pasted_image_0__8_.png 

  1. "Upload File": Upload a file (i.e. image, PDF, etc.)
  2. "Add Layer": Add a spatial layer (i.e. shapefile, KML, etc.)
  3. "Add Contact": Add contact information.
  4. "Set AOI": Set the Area of Interest for the Project.


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